Celebrating a life can bring everyone closer

Posted on August 11, 2015

Funeral services in Manchester NH from GoodwinThere are those funeral services that are followed by less of a somber reception and more of a celebration of the departed loved one’s life. There are those who wish the departing to be memorable celebration of a life and a reminder of how truly precious it is.

Such a celebration, however, can quickly escalate into a hectic and fast paced event. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Memory walls are a huge favorite at such an event. It is important to bring everyone involved into the heart of the event. Have them contribute their favorite photos or memorabilia to the wall with special commentary. This will bring it all to vivid life for those who are enjoying the wall following the funeral services.
  • Make the celebration as all inclusive as you can. Everyone should be encouraged to contribute. Not only does it generate a tremendous amount of memories and sentimentality, but it helps those who have contributed feel closer to everyone and, especially, to their recently departed loved one.
  • Sometime during the celebration, gather everyone around and ask that there be a moment of silence. It helps to solidify emotional ties and acts as a reminder as to why everyone is actually there.
  • Music can enhance the atmosphere following the funeral services and can trigger certain happy memories especially if many of the deceased favorite tunes are included. Don’t forget the food and drink. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. The main purpose is for everyone to be sharing and remembering.
  • Set aside certain times to offer people an opportunity to speak about their recently departed friend or loved one. Break them up. Don’t string a bunch of them together. Spreading them out will cause people to focus more on who is speaking at a particular time.

Such a celebratory event following funeral services can be exhausting both physically and emotionally for those involved in the planning but it can also bring a tremendous amount of sentimentality and joy. Such things can never be underestimated and just may help the healing process to be less painful.