Composing a heart felt eulogy can help everyone

Posted on October 16, 2015

Funeral services in Manchester NH from GoodwinBeing asked to compose a eulogy for someone, especially a loved one, can be a stress filled event in the life of anyone. The passing of a loved one, the funeral services, and the emotions can all take its toll. Add onto that the writing and the speaking in public and it can easily overwhelm anyone.

  • Originally gather your thoughts for the funeral service eulogy by deciding the tone and content of your eulogy. One thing that will be in your favor that it is always suggested that the eulogy be brief. Generally, if you can keep it in the five minute range, it should be well received. If you think five minutes is not a long time, stand in front of a clock and start talking or reading aloud from a book for five minutes. I think you will discover that five minutes is longer than you thought.
  • The best of eulogies delivered at a funeral service are those that share a special story or event which has always been memorable about the deceased. Don’t re-write their obituary. Share something of a personal nature with your audience. It will help you feel closer to your passed loved one and everyone just might really enjoy hearing an endearing story they had never heard before.
  • Try and keep it upbeat. If you did not know them well, or you just did not get along or like each other, you may want to bow out. All in all though, try to relay a positive note about you and the departed loved one at the funeral service.
  • Remember to have your eulogy written down. Don’t try and wing it. Read it over many times in advance of your delivery. Try and make it sound as if you are just having a conversation with everyone at the funeral service. Keeping your eulogy upbeat and personal will bring an added special and loving touch that everyone will remember.