Funeral home records can be a vital source for your family history

Posted on August 13, 2015

Funeral homes in NH from GoodwinAs many become more involved with their genealogy and ancestry, few people seem to think of death records or records kept by funeral homes. These records can provide a plethora of rich information concerning your family history and largely unknown relatives. Too many overlook this valuable resource in their quest to cobble together their family histories.

  • For the most part, people tend to place most of their focus on birth records or census data as well as marriage records and certificates. They rarely give death records a second thought. Funeral home records, death certificates, as well as obituaries from long ago newspapers, can provide information you might not be able to obtain anywhere else.
  • These records can help you to discover such things as where your family member was born and to whom. It can include names of relatives and siblings, whether they ever married or served in the military, and what may have been their cause of death. Through these records, you may be able to locate other records in your ancestry trail.
  • Death certificates and funeral home records can often times provide you with the actual names of relatives and next of kin. This can prove invaluable in expanding your search for your family history. Another wonderful piece of information you can glean is what your ancestor did for a living. If they were a professional or belonged to a union it is quite likely you could discover even more information about the nature of their work and life.
  • Military service, if found, can lead you to additional information about your ancestors life. Serving in the military, or even a war, can lend an air of authenticity and meaning to your search. These discoveries can lead you to what they did and where they served and even the name of the unit in which they served. Knowing that, if they served in a war, you can discover where the unit was during the war and what action was possibly participated in.
  • Funeral home records and death certificates can also list the cause of death if your search is focused on putting together a family medical history. These records can also lead to such records as social security records which are generally loaded with genealogical information that will further your search and completion of your family‚Äôs history.