Planning your own funeral may help your loved ones to adjust

Posted on May 26, 2015

Planning your own funeral services in advance of your passing is quickly becoming a preferred method of making your final wishes known to your family and loved ones. In many ways, it relieves many of the traditional burdens from your loved ones and can help the adjustment and grieving period to proceed in a smoother fashion.

  • Funeral home directors and staff are more than familiar with pre-planning services. They can be a helpful resource during this time. You need to decide your method of preparation and where your body may rest. Are you looking for traditional funeral services and burial at a family cemetery? Perhaps you wish to be cremated? How are your ashes to be distributed? Is there a family vault where you wish to be placed?
  • You may also want to consider the type of funeral service as well as any memorial plans for after. Some look toward the traditional funeral home service while others choose to have family and friends gathered in a festive celebration of your life and memory.
  • Planning ahead of time can save much grief and emotional upset. Quite often, funeral service arrangements are not cobbled together until after a loved one has passed. This can cause undue stress and pressure on those left behind. Quite often, too, they are not attentive to the potential costs.
  • Planning ahead also offers you the option of sitting with your funeral home director and staff so that the service you want will be carried out. In addition, this affords you the opportunity to pay for everything in advance. This relieves a great burden from your loved ones, also.
  • While you are in these planning stages, you will have the opportunity to let your loved ones know of any particular death related benefits you may have be it from the government or a personal life insurance policy.
  • Peace of mind for everyone involved is, perhaps, the greatest effect about planning your funeral service in advance. For those you leave behind, your passing can be a tremendous loss and cause great emotional anxiety and confusion. Pre-planning everything, and even taking care of the expense, can be one of the greatest gifts you can leave behind.

Your local funeral home can be a valued resource in this quest for ultimate peace of mind for both yourself and your loved ones.