Would it be helpful to webcast the funeral?

Posted on October 20, 2015

Funeral homes in NH from GoodwinMany today are finding it helpful to actually broadcast their loved ones services and funeral. Many funeral homes have begun to incorporate webcasts into their services for those who wish to bring the funeral of their loved ones to the Web in real time. While this may not be right for everyone, there are certain advantages to making the funeral services available live online.

  • One of the great advantages to being able to broadcast the funeral is that many friends and family who have been unable to attend due to certain travel challenges will be able to be there and share in the event. And, for those that can’t be there for the live funeral service, a webcast is easily accessible any time the viewer may have some quiet time to be there with everyone.
  • Another consideration to broadcasting the funeral is that you are free to record it to a CD and make it an intimate part of your family history. With technology being what it is, there is a function that will allow mourners to be able to chat and communicate with one another during the service and is an accessible way for those at a distance to offer their condolences and best wishes.
  • Being able to attend the funeral, even if only remotely, can be of great emotional benefit to the viewer. It will offer them a chance to participate and to gather emotional strength from being actively with everyone.
  • The disadvantages that some bring forth include many believing that broadcasting the funeral service is offensive and in bad taste. What you need to remember is that such an outlook is their problem, not yours, and is not their decision to make. If you feel that a broadcast will be helpful, then you should consider doing it.

Your funeral director can sit with you and help you decide what will be best for you, your family, and your friends. What truly matters is how you want your loved one to be remembered and how you might want to share the funeral services with those who can’t attend in person.